Group Programs

Resources & Infrastructure Industry Training Package


For Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma candidates, who are already employed in the industry and have a fair bit of experience both in the industry and at the level being pursued.  You don’t have to hold a Certificate IV to pursue a Diploma, and we will discuss your experience and training to work out with you the best qualification to suit your situation.  Likewise you don’t have to hold a Diploma to pursue an Advanced Diploma, provided you have appropriate knowledge and experience.

National recognition

Nationally recognised qualifications are awarded following completion of  group sessions and the compilation of evidence.  Mine Resilience runs one or two Resources Industries Qualifications Programs each year.   They run to suit the demand, and have run in Central-West NSW, Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne.  Most programs are run with participants from more than one organisation.  We also tailor programs to suit the specific needs of an organisation, although we generally like to have a breadth of views, so if it an organisation-specific program we’d need about 8-10 participants.

Sharing a condensed program

We find that sharing knowledge and experience with others like you is very powerful.  It helps by by challenging your ideas, causing you to reflect on your objectives and processes, gives you new ways of looking at a problem, and helps structure your mind or communications.

In challenging your ideas we like to see structured mind for ease of communication as leaders in the industry.  We also like to foster reflection on the part of Diploma and Advanced Diploma candidates, as well as comfort in seeking options for action.

Clear objectives

Our program has clear objectives for timings, evidence requirements, presentation on continuous improvement projects.

Experienced trainers and assessors

Candidates have access to qualified and experienced trainers and assessors.  We will always invite you to discuss your issues/ concerns, and we will work with you to support your personal development while gaining a qualification.

Group sessions and on-site evidence

Our qualifications programs involve group sessions, out-of-session evidence compilation and project work.

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